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Hockey Player Gift Guide 2020 – Budget Edition (Under $50)

Hockey Player Gift Guide 2020 - Budget Edition

Welcome to our Hockey Player Gift Guide 2020 – Budget Edition. This hockey player gift guide is specifically for budget items under $50. Let’s dive right into it because we have some good items to cover. I’ve ordered the items from least expensive to most expensive to make browsing the list easier.

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Renfrew Pro-Blade XT Hockey Tape

Moving right along into gear, you can’t go wrong with tape. It’s a basic necessity for any hockey player.

Renfrew Grip Tape – Variety of Colors – $2.47 per roll
Renfrew Tape – Variety of Colors – $2.67 per roll
Renfrew Clear Shin Guard Tape – $2.67 per roll

Stickhandling Ball

Next up is a stick handling ball or hockey ball to work on your hands during these tough times where we can’t get on a rink. Or, head outside and play some street hockey.

Ice Warehouse Stick Handling Ball – $2.99
Mylec Liquid Filled G-Force Hockey Ball – $3.47

Snap Wax Hockey Stick Wax

You can also get a great deal on other small accessories right now, like wax for your blade, or Tacki Mac stick grips to use in lieu of tape.

Snap Wax – $4.99
Glo Sauce Colored Wax – $4.99
Tacki Mac Stick Grip – $4.99

Green Biscuit Training Puck
Green Biscuit Training Puck

To work on your stick handling away from the rink, look no further than the Green Biscuit. This thing slides like a beauty on outdoor surfaces and lasts forever. I have one that is still going strong after 10+ years.

Original Green Biscuit – $10.99
Green Biscuit Colors – $10.99
Green Biscuit NHL – $10.99

CCM Game On Face Mask

I never would have imagined these would be included in a holiday gift guide for hockey players, but here we are at the end of a very unprecedented year.

Bauer Reversible Face Masks – $9.99
CCM Outprotect Face Masks – $9.99
CCM Game On Face Mask (Cage/Full Shield) – $19.99
CCM Game on Face Mask (Visor) – $19.99

Bauer Mystery Mini Sticks

Limited edition mystery drops are a great way to surprise the hockey player in your life, and these Bauer Mystery Mini Sticks do the trick. There are five different designs available, and you won’t know what you have until the packaging is opened.

Bauer Mystery Mini Sticks – $19.99 each

Bauer Patch Snapback Hat

What better way to spruce up your work from home or school virtual school setup than with some hockey swag.

Warrior Hockey Street T-Shirt – $19.99
Bauer Patch Snapback Hat – $25.99

WrapAround Blade Protector

If you need to use your favorite stick outdoors during a long shutdown, or throughout the offseason, this will help keep your blade protected.

WrapAround Stick Blade Protector – $29.99

Warrior Duffle Bag

Whether you’re headed to or from the gym, a friends house, the local rink, an overnight trip, or anywhere else that you need to carry some gear, this will come in handy.

Warrior Q10 Duffle Bag – $29.99

Revision Hi-Lo Clinger Outdoor Wheels

Chances are you’ve been playing a lot more hockey outdoors this year, and that’s likely to continue into the future. If that’s the case, get yourself some outdoor specific wheels for your skates that will last a bit longer.

Revision Hi-Lo Outdoor Wheels – $39.92 for a set of 8 (4.99 each)
Konixx Triton Outdoor Wheels – $39.92 for a set of 8 (4.99 each)
Alkali Revel Outdoor Wheels – $43.92 for a set of 8 (5.49 each)

Bauer Knee Hockey Set

Mini sticks will be great for this long upcoming winter and will allow you to get your hockey fix in the comfort of your own home.

Bauer Mini Knee Hockey Goal Set – Twin Pack – $49.99

If you’re fortunate enough to live in a warmer climate, or are having a milder winter, head outside and play some street hockey with one of these.

Bauer Street Hockey Goal Set – $49.99

Fischer CT150 Stick

Finally, equip yourself with an outdoor specific stick that is lightweight and will last a long time on outdoor surfaces.

Fischer CT 150 Composite ABS Stick – $49.99

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