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Farm creates 11-mile corn maze honoring Blackhawks


Most hockey fans celebrate their team winning the Stanley Cup with a few beers, maybe buy some memorabilia or get to a couple autograph signings during the offseason. But this farm in Illinois took things to a whole new level.

The Richardson Adventure Farm in Springs Grove, Ill., claims to house the world’s largest and most intricate corn maze. The farm announced earlier this week they would honor the Blackhawks and their Stanley Cup championship with a new corn maze design.

“We’re all kind of celebrating the Blackhawks having been the shiny star around Chicago for the last several years,” said Robert Richardson, who is an owner along with other family members. “If any team is going to do well, the Blackhawks have done terrifically the last few years. We’re going to help celebrate that. We want to extend the feeling a little longer than the past playoffs and looking to start up a new season in October.”

The family had initially planned to do an Alice in Wonderland-themed maze but changed plans following Chicago’s win.

 “We called our maze designer out in Idaho and asked if he had time to create a new design,” said George Richardson. “Then we got permission from the Blackhawks to use their logo. The result is a bold design with the Blackhawks logo in the center and the Chicago skyline in the background, flanked by two hockey players and the word ‘Champions.’ ”
Despite the ‘Hawks winning the Stanley Cup in early June, the farm’s corn maze designer didn’t get a chance to make the changes until the Fourth of July weekend and used a GPS to guide him across the 30-acre field.
This isn’t the first time a farm has celebrated a Blackhawks Stanley Cup victory. County Line Orchard in Hobart, Ind., and Siegel’s Cottonwood Farm in Crest Hill, Ill., also dedicated corn mazes to Blackhawks designs after the team won the Stanley Cup in 2013.

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