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Tour FB9 Pro Skates

Tour Hockey has released a new skate to take over as the premier level product in their skate lineup.

In 2015, the inline hockey company welcomed the Tour FB9 Pro skates to their skate lineup. True to inline hockey gear, these skates are about as flashy as they come, with a bold blue design on the quarter package. Let’s take a closer look at what makes these skates great.

The Tour FB9 Pro skates have been designed for comfort and fit. The FB9 Pro skates have a new custom surlon structural support system to provide additional support throughout the boot, in addition to removing weight.

Tour also added the Accu-Aire Ventlation system to the Tour FB9 Pro skates. This will work with the Instep HoneyComb Vents in order to help promote airflow and cool the inside of the skates.

The Tour FB9 Pro skates will use a Type 2 Lace Retention white felt tongue. It also features Aero Ridge 2 lacebite protection. The inside of the boot will offer Tour’s familiar pillow padding material as well for an extremely comfortable fit.

Beneath the boot you will find a Labeda Hum’er Eviction II chassis with revolutionary pro level big wheel technology.

The wheels on the Tour FB9 Pro skates will Labeda’s Addiction wheels. They will roll on Bevo Swiss Platinum race rated (chrome) bearings for maximum speed.

All in all it looks to be an outstanding new skate offering from Tour. The bold blue look will definitely turn some off from it, but I think it could also be very visually appealing for the roller player. The Tour FB9 Pro skates cost $649.99 and are available now.

Check out the Tour FB9 Pro skates in the pictures below and drop us a note with your thoughts!

Tour FB9 Pro Skates



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