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Mission Inhaler DS1 Skates

Mission Inhaler DS1 Skates

Update: The Misson Inhaler DS1 skates are now available for pre-order! Click here to order your pair today!

Mission Hockey is back in black for 2014 with a brand new line of roller hockey gear. Their flagship skate for the 2014 year are the Mission Inhaler DS1 skates.

Gone are the white from previous generations of Mission skates. This years line has gone black, and the new skates look great. The boot is all black, and so is the frame. Even the laces and part of the tongue on the Mission Inhaler DS1 skates are black. The Inhaler DS1 skates do feature some color, primarily as an accent, but we’ll touch more on that later.

As the name implies, the Mission Inhaler DS1 skates will feature Mission’s Inhaler SICK ventilated quarter panels and toe cap. The response from players surrounding this technology was so positive, they’ve decided to continue to use it. It’s one of the defining technologies Mission has utilized which is unique to roller hockey.

The tongue has changed on these skates as well. Mission is using a new True Ventued Tongue 2 with a black thin tip. The thin black tip of the tongue will eliminate some bulk, allowing for an easier tuck under shin guards. On the other hand, the tri-cut design will also allow for maximum flop if that is your style.

One of the biggest changes you’ll notice on the Mission line this year, with the Inhaler DS1 skates included, Mission has dropped Rink Rat wheels from their skates and replaced them with Revision. The Inhaler DS1 skates will see Revision Variant Plus wheels along with swiss bearings. The wheels will be set up nicely in a black Hi-Lo magnesium chassis to maintain an incredibly light weight.

Now back to those accent colors we mentioned earlier. Mission has introduced a new Tendon Velcro Tab and Heel Color Chips to allow players to instantly customize the color scheme of their skates. The Inhaler DS1 skates will come with two tendon color tabs, white or blue. If neither of those suits you, remove the tab and go with the black look underneath. The heel color chips will come in blue, orange, yellow, red and green. When worn with the same color wheels, this gives your skate a customized look unique to your style, or aligned with your team colors.

The new Mission Inhaler DS1 skates will be available later this summer at Until then, drop us a note in the comments and let us know what you think of these great new skates from Mission Hockey!



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