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Bauer Vapor APX Gloves

The Bauer Vapor APX gloves and APX Pro gloves are the latest high end gloves from the Vapor line of protective equipment. Due out in April, 2012, the APX gloves are going to keep the same tapered fit that we’re familiar with in Vapor gloves, and carry all the top end features we like to see.

Beginning with the cuff, the APX gloves will have a free flex cuff to provide you with maximum mobility while stickhandling. The Aero Foam construction used in the gloves will reduce overall weight by 20%, while continuing to provide great protection for your hand. On the APX gloves, you’ll see a techni-flex palm to ensure great feel all while providing incredible durability. It’s also going to be lined with silver fibers, much like the Warrior Franchise gloves, to add increased resistance to odors and staining.

With the APX Pro gloves, you’re going to notice a few differences. The biggest one will be the palm, as the APX pro gloves will use a dual layer nash palm instead of the techni-flex. The APX Pro will be constructed out of dual density foams, rather than the Aero Foams, while the shell uses pro nylon mesh instead of synthetic leather. The tapered fit will be consistent through both, however, the cuff on the APX pro gloves will be a contoured and segmented cuff rather than the free flex cuff. Both gloves will use Bauer’s Thermo Max+ liner to help keep the gloves dry.

Will the Bauer Vapor APX or APX Pro gloves be your next set of gloves? Let us know what you think in the comments.

Bauer Vapor APX Gloves

Bauer Vapor APX Gloves


Bauer Vapor APX Pro Gloves

Bauer Vapor APX Pro and APX Gloves


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