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NHL Center Ice on Brighthouse Networks

NHL Center Ice

NHL Center Ice

Just a couple of days ago, Puck Daddy mentioned that there is still no deal between NHL Center Ice and Time Warner Cable. I experienced a similar situation with Bright House Networks. After waiting 10+ minutes just to talk to a representative, I found out that Bright House was not yet offering the NHL Center Ice package. This news came as a shocker to me. After recently relocating due to a new job, this was the only way I could watch Red Wing games, as well as get my hockey on with every other NHL game as well.

So I began to explore online, looking for reasons as to why this might be. Unfortunately, I could find no clear answer until I came across the Puck Daddy post. Perhaps inDemand, who is in charge of Center Ice, was having contract issues with Bright House as well? I even began to seek out different cable providers in my area, thinking perhaps AT&T’s Uverse plan would help solve my problems.

Before I made any drastic changes, however, I decided to give Bright House another call last night. Again, a 10 minute wait before talking to someone. This time the representative politely obliged my request for Center Ice. Happy as a clam, besides the ridiculous $160 I had to pay for such a package, I decided to check out my new channels only to find I was instead receiving MLB Extra Innings. The channels do overlap, so I’m hoping once the season begins, MLB will be dropped and NHL will take its place.

Something to note, the Bright House sales representative mentioned, as part of the terms of service, that any home or away game for the Chicago Blackhawks and St. Louis Blues will be blacked out. So whenever the Red Wings play the Blackhawks, a great division rival (especially after the Hossa signing), I’m not going to be able to see it? Can anyone confirm this?

What are your opinions on the NHL Center Ice Package? Is it available from your service provider? Worth the money and the hassle?


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