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True TF9 Skates

It seems as though True Hockey will be releasing a new skate line for retail, and lead the way with the True TF9 skates.

Currently, True Hockey only has one pair of player skates available to consumers, their True Pro Custom Player skate. It’s a great skate, without a doubt, but at a price point starting at $949.99, it’s not exactly in every player’s budget.

That’s exactly where the new line comes in.

While a lot still remains unknown at this point, you can expect the True TF9 skates to be high-level skates made for competitive players, but without that extra customization that you would get in their Pro Custom skate. Instead, they’ll be more of an off the shelf approach, similar to a line from Bauer or CCM, but with True specifications instead. However, you can bet that the boot of the True TF9 skates will still be heat-moldable, allowing for some fit customization.

One thing we can tell for sure from the picture below is that the True TF9 skates will come with their True Shift holder, making it easier to quickly change blades if the need should arise. They also appear to be using black steel runners, which offers a nice look with the black boot.

The tongue of the True TF9 skates also appears to be a bit unique. Rather than using white or black felt, it appears to be a thin profile tongue, perhaps with its own heat-moldable properties, allowing for a perfect wrap and more customized fit.

Check out the upcoming True TF9 skates below and drop us a note in the comments with your thoughts. What kind of features do you think these skates will have? Would you pick up a pair of these over a similarly priced pair of skates from Bauer or CCM?

True Hockey TF9 Skates

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  1. Mark

    May 6, 2020 at 12:14 pm

    Looking forward to seeing True move into the non-custom market. As you mention, hopefully they keep their great moldability… I’m currently in Mako M8 skates, and would certainly look here first for replacements over Bauer/CCM…

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