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Warrior Fantom QRE Stick

Warrior Hockey will be taking their stick game to the next level this spring with the launch of their all new Warrior Fantom QRE Stick.

It’s an interesting name, that much we’re sure of, but many other details about the Warrior Fantom Stick remain scarce.

One thing we do know, however, is that the Warrior Fantom QRE Stick will be incredibly lightweight. Currently, Warrior has a stick in the 400 gram range, but rumors point to this stick being up to 40 grams lighter and hovering in the 360 gram range.

Other rumors suggest the Warrior Fantom model will be similar to last years Bauer ADV, which was a very limited edition stick.

Fortunately we will not have to wait too incredibly long for an answer. The Warrior Fantom Stick is going to launch on May 24th. Keep checking back for more details and we will update as they become available.

Warrior Fantom QRE Stick

Warrior Fantom QRE Stick

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