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Bauer Supreme 2S Pro Skates

Bauer is preparing to refresh their Supreme line of skates and leading the way will be the all-new Bauer Supreme 2S Pro skates.

Launching in the summer of 2018, the Bauer Supreme 2S Pro skates will be the premier offering from Bauer in the new Supreme line. They will feature a ton of great enhancements and awesome technology, so let’s walk through what we can expect on the Bauer Supreme 2S Pro skates.

The quarter package of the Bauer Supreme 2S Pro skates is all new and features 3D lasted carbon Curv composite with Total Edge Comfort padding.  The carbon Curv composite will be incredibly lightweight, while also being strong and rigid. You will get great stability and durability with the new quarter package. Bauer will also introduce a new Reflex Pro facing with custom lacing setup on the 2S Pro skates. This eyelet system includes three additional eyelets staggered in between the standard top four eyelets, giving you the option for custom lacing setups to increase comfort and performance.

Bauer will include the Reflex Pro tongue on the Supreme 2S Pro skates, which is a 3-piece and 52 oz felt tongue. The Reflex Pro tongue also uses moldable inserts for added customization. Behind your foot, a great tendon guard featuring C-Flex technology was used. This tendon guard allows for custom inserts to be used helping to control the flex with each stride.

Inside the Bauer Supreme 2S Pro skates, you will find a Lock Fit Pro liner. This liner will not only help keep your foot locked in place, but will also work tremendously well to wick away sweat and moisture. Additionally, you’ll have lightweight memory foam ankle pads for added comfortability.

Below your foot, you’ll find an all-new Bauer Speed Plate 2.0 footbed. The new footbed is made of fully thermoformable recovery alloy composite which will allow you to truly customize the footbed to the shape of your foot. An anatomical metatarsal support pad is included for enhanced power output, and mid-density foam covers the high impact areas to provide unmatched comfort. The Speed Plate 2.0 footbed is easy to trim to fit with cut line indicators and includes enhanced stabilizing grip application for further supporting your foot. When all is said and done, the Speed Plate 2.0 on Bauer’s new Supreme 2S Pro skates are going to allow you to get up to 20% more out of each and every stride you take.

Bauer will continue to use an ultra-lightweight vented composite outsole on the Bauer Supreme 2S skates, and this outsole will connect to a familiar Tuuk Lightspeed Edge holder. New to the setup, however, will be the Tuuk LS5 carbon coated stainless steel runners. These runners have soft inner core stainless steel to enhance the quality and sharpness of your edge. Meanwhile, they are carbon-coated which will help you maintain your edge and bite for a longer period of time.

The Bauer Supreme 2S Pro skates are designed for elite level hockey players and are expected to be available in summer 2018. Be sure to subscribe to our mailing list for updates on the release date as well as pre-order information. You can also check out our friends at for pre-order information when it’s available.

Bauer Supreme 2S Pro Skates

Bauer Supreme 2S Pro Skates


  1. Eugenie

    April 6, 2018 at 4:26 am

    I cant wait until theses skates come out! Around one year ago I got the 1s skates but goalie version. I will probably need to buy new skates soon seeing as my skates are getting quite small. I was wondering if this skate model will come in a goalie version.

    • Matt

      April 9, 2018 at 7:34 pm

      Yes, there will be a goalie version

  2. Brad

    May 21, 2018 at 3:36 pm

    when is the release date of the 2s and 2s pro in Edmonton. my son is eagerly waiting for a pair.

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