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Tour Code 1 Skates Available for Pre-Order

Those of you looking for an upgraded pair of high-level roller hockey skates can now head over to Inline Warehouse and pre-order the brand new Tour Code 1 roller hockey skates.

The all new Tour Code 1 skates feature a Vorrac Surlyn quarter panel with Vibram wear patches. They offer an In-Step Honeycomb cooling system which helps to promote airflow, as well as a Kinetic flexible tendon guard for maximum range of motion and a more powerful stride.

Tour Code 1 skates are designed and constructed with one of the most comfortable liners in the business, an AccuAire H600 quilted liner. It’s designed to wick moisture away, provide a nice heel lock, and most importantly be incredibly comfortable.

Another new feature seen on the Tour Code 1 skates is the A.R.C. tongue. This stands for Anti-Lace Bite, Removable Tongue, and Custom Fit Toe Box. This system uses a removable heavy-duty velcro tongue that allows you to adjust the height or side-to-side positioning for a unique and custom fit. The A.R.C. system is something that you can only find on skates from Tour Hockey.

The Tour Code 1 roller hockey skates were first seen this past summer and worn by Tour players during the popular tournaments such as NARCh. They will officially release on November 22nd, and if you pre-order today, they will ship early and arrive on launch day. Click here to check them out.

Tour Code 1 Skates Tour Code 1 Skates

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