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Blade Hockey Laces and Wax Review

Blade Hockey recently launched a couple of new products to their already impressive arsenal of stickhandling and training gear. The two new products, Blade Laces and Blade Wax, are pretty self explanatory but completely necessary items in our sport. We were fortunate enough to receive a demo set of both laces and wax from our friends at Blade Hockey, and my thoughts on each are compiled below.

Blade Wax

The Blade Wax comes in a small tin container and has a premium tropical scent. The smell is nice, and isn’t overpowering at all. Each container comes with 80 grams of wax made in the USA. Here’s how Blade Hockey actually produces their wax:

We cook our wax over woodstoves which produces the highest quality wax on the market. This wax is engineered to increase your puck control, and prevent ice and snow buildup on your blade.

Once applied to your tape, Blade Wax performs exactly as advertised out on the ice. The application of wax to my blade helped to repel any snow and ice build up throughout the first couple periods of a game. By the later stages of the third period, with that much more snow on the ice, a little bit of a build up was ineveitable. Overall, the Blade Wax did what I needed to.

If I could change one thing about the wax though, I would change the container it comes in. I’ve used wax in the past that comes in a deodorant like container, and to me it just makes application that much easier. On the other hand, I’ve also used wax that came in only plastic, so having a nice resealable tin container is pretty awesome.

Blade Hockey Wax Blade Hockey Laces

Blade Laces

The Blade Laces come in a number of different size options. There is a youth size, a junior size, and then four different adult sizes to cover just about ever possible size needed. The laces are made from high quality materials, as per the Blade Hockey website:

BLADE skate laces are a high quality blend of polyester yarn creating extremely strong tensile strength and a soft feel. Made right here in the United States we pride ourselves on the quality and durability of our laces.

The review unit we were sent was a package of the classic fused tip laces. They are white in color and very traditional looking with a repeating pattern of two dashed diagonal lines. Black laces and wax laces are also available for purchase.

The laces fit to a pair of Bauer skates perfectly and did a great job of keeping my skates tight throughout play. I always double knot my skates, so there were no issues with laces slipping, untying, or anything like that. From start to finish games, the laces provided an adequate hold and I did not notice any loosening.

At the end of the day, the Blade provided everything I would need in a set of skate laces. If my stock pair were ever ripped or cut, I wouldn’t hesitate to replace them with Blade laces.

Overall Impressions

Blade Hockey introduced a great pair of products with the laces and wax, and they compliment their current offering beautifully. Both products perform up to my high standards, and should definition be considered if you’re looking for a new set of laces or you want to try some new wax.

Where to Buy?

Blade laces and Blade wax are currently available from Blade Hockey on their website at The laces are only $5.99 per pair, regardless of size. The wax is also available for only $5.99 for each tin.

Click here to buy Blade Laces

Click here to buy Blade Wax

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