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Young Dylan Larkin Sniping in Basement

Dylan Larkin may be on fire now as a rookie with the Detroit Red Wings, but it wasn’t long ago that he was just a kid having fun shooting pucks in the basement.

In this incredible video, young Larkin, or D-Boss as he calls himself, sets up a bit of a snipeshow in the basement with his buddy Evan Gizinski.

He makes sure to highlight his brand new Bauer Supreme Total One stick, and Gizinski shows off a nice One95.

It’s always great to see how far a player has come, just like Larkin. One day he’s hanging out in a basement shooting on an old net, and now he’s a star in the NHL.

Larkin currently has 18 goals and 19 assists for the Red Wings. He also leads the league in plus/minus with a +25 rating.

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