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KHL Top 10 Goals for Week 10

The KHL season continues to roll on and they’re already through week 10, and now almost week 11.

There were a few nice dangles in the Week 10 highlights, including a nice move by Vladimir Tkachyov for the top goal of the week.

Here’s a full list of the top 10 goals for week 10, and of course highlights below. Drop us a note in the comments in let us know which goal was your favorite!

10. Shipachyov-Dadonov-Kuteikin (SKA) @ Dominik Furch (AVG)
9. Andrei Sergeyev (NHK) vs Vitaly Kolesnik (LOK)
8. Kalyuzhny to Vesce (DMN) vs Joacim Eriksson (DRG)
7. Joensuu to Kozun (JOK) vs Vlad Fokin (UGR)
6. Indrasis to Sestito (DRG) vs Henrik Karlsson (AVG)
5. Hartikainen-Vishnevsky-D.Makarov (SAL) vs Ivan Nalimov (ADM)
4. K.Alexeyev to Shumakov (SIB) vs Ivan Nalimov (ADM)
3. Nikita Kvartalnov (CSK) vs Sergei Magarilov (SEV)
2. Denis Parshin (AVG) vs Atte Engren (SPA)
1. Vladimir Tkachyov (AKB) @ Barry Brust (SLO)

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