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STX Stallion 600 Stick

On September 15th, STX will be releasing their latest product from the Stallion line, the STX Stallion 600 stick.

The STX Stallion 600 stick will feature Quad Core technology in the blade. This was first introduced with their Surgeon RX stick. The Quad Core blade combines a light weight and torsionally strong design. It features four carbon fiber reinforced bridges in the blade, which run the entire length of the blade, in order to enhance stability.

Additionally, STX has packed Quad Core foam into the blade of the new STX Stallion 600 stick. This is a less dense foam which helps to eliminate some weight and improve upon puck feel. The Quad Core blade was also engineered to increase the life 20% over previous models of STX sticks.

The new STX Stallion 600 stick reaches retail store shelves on September 15th. Will you be picking one up?

STX Stallion 600 Stick

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