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Original Stix iPhone Cases

Original Stix

A company out of Detroit, Michigan called Original Stix felt that there was a lack of phone cases available for hockey enthusiasts. After collaborating with automotive engineers, they have come out with a phone case that features two small pieces cut out of a real composite hockey stick.

Their idea was that instead of sending broken sticks to the landfill, they could reuse them in an original and unique way. The case comes with two panels cut out of a broken hockey stick, which can be removed and replaced for a different, personalized set. Original Stix cases are precision and hand assembled by members of the Disabled American Veterans group, which ensures a quality made product that supports a good cause.

Currently, Original Stix cases are only available for the iPhone 5/5s in black or white, but they are currently looking into producing cases for other devices. You can check out their website at

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