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CCM Tacks Skates

Update: CCM Tacks Skates are now available for pre-order! Click here to buy your pair! Skates will ship July 18th!

CCM Tacks fans rejoice! It looks like the CCM Tacks skates will be coming back to life with a new model to be released later this year.

Take a good look at the CCM Tacks skates pictured below. The picture, courtesy of Nathan MacKinnon on Twitter, shows off a very slick looking boot with a black and yellow color scheme. We can see that CCM will be utilizing their Speed Blade 4.0 holder as well as the Hyper Glide runner.

MacKinnon will be the first in the NHL to be wearing the new CCM Tacks skates. He will wear the skates tonight for the first time against the New Jersey Devils. He may soon be followed by other CCM athletes, however, as the release date approaches. Currently, the skates are projected for a Summer 2014 release date.

What are your thoughts of the brand new CCM Tacks skates? Do you think CCM has done a good job in revitalizing a model with a long history? Will you be checking out the new CCM Tacks skates in person when they are released, or even buying a pair?

CCM Tacks Skates 2014


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