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Reebok 20K Pants

New in the protective department this year will be the Reebok 20k pants. They will include a couple updates and new features, and will continue utilizing JDP technology as well.

Right off the top, they have made a strong move with the Reebok 20k pants by using JPD technolgoy. If you’re not familiar, this technology was inspired by Jofa, which was acquired by Reebok in June 2004. JDP will provide strong hip, thigh and spine protection which helps disperse the energy from an impact away from your body.

The Reebok 20k pants are constructed with a strong nylon with strategically placed stretch zones and abrasion panels. Additionally, a streamlined core to help reduce weight and increase performance.

Kidney protection will come from a molded piece of PE foam, while an HD spine protector and molded PE inserts will ensure your lower back remains guarded. NHL level thigh guards will help protect your legs from errant pucks or slashes from an opposing player. The molded floating back piece will stay in place on your lower back, while a reinforced seat area provides additional comfort and protection.

The Reebok 20k pants also have a new hidden zipper feature to increase the pant length. The easy to use zipper is located under the belt and will provide an additional inch of length for a player who may still be growing.

Reebok’s new 20k pants will be available in senior and youth sizes. Senior sizes will come in either black or navy blue colors, while youth will only be available in black. Keep an eye out for the Reebok 20k pants to hit retail stores this spring.

Take a look at the Reebok 20k pants below and let us know your thoughts. Will you be upgrading your pants to Reebok’s latest top end model?

Reebok 20k Pants


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