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Bauer Supreme One.9 Hockey Stick

Have you ever used a Bauer Supreme One95 stick? If so, then you probably loved it. Since then, countless people have asked for a return of that stick which they loved so much. Many companies may ignore these requests, while continuing to release brand new products which have changed drastically since their previous release. Bauer, however, has listened to their customers.

With the impending release of the Bauer Supreme One.9 hockey stick, we’ll actually be seeing the closest thing to the Bauer One95 since the One95 itself. While it wont be the exact same, the Bauer Supreme One.9 is close to it, and may leave players more satisfied than the One95.

The Supreme One.9 stick will be a true one piece stick that is made in the same molds as the Total One and NXG sticks. The biggest difference will be the utilization of the pure shot blade profile on the One.9, which is the thicker throat that prevents blade deflection. This technology was not introduced until the Vapor X60, and then made its way to the Supreme line in the Total One stick.

Bauer’s Supreme One.9 stick will be constructed of the same 3k carbon fiber used in the One95 stick. However, the introduction of a newer resin in the One.9 stick will keep it feeling newer for longer, and will give it a bit more of a crisper feel than the One95.

Down on the blade of the Supreme One.9, we’ll see that the core is very similar to that of the One95. The main difference here is that the new One.9 blade has been engineered to be lighter and more durable than its One95 counterpart. If the increase in durability is true, this stick will be a monster. The Bauer One95 had one of the best blades I have ever used in a stick.

The Supreme One.9 stick as a whole will be approximately 15-20 grams lighter than the One95 was. Despite the weight reduction, it will still be balanced incredibly well. The One.9 will also feature Bauer’s Tac-Spiral grip to help keep your hands locked on to the stick.

Bauer’s Supreme One.9 hockey stick will launch in mid-September, along with the Total One NXG stick, so keep your eyes peeled for its release. If you were a fan of the One95, you’re going to want this stick.

Take a look at the Supreme One.9 stick below and let us know what you think in the comments. Will you replace your current twig with one of these?

Bauer Supreme One.9 Hockey Stick

Bauer Supreme One.9 Hockey Stick


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