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Controversial Hit Avoids Judge Shanahan

In a year where Judge Brendan Shanahan has done a great job explaining illegal hits to the head and why he dished out a suspension, he has some explaining to do on this hit in last nights Flyers-Sharks game where Zac Rinaldo of the Flyers laid what appeared to be a hit to the head on T.J. Galiardi of the Sharks.

There was no penalty called on the ice, and that’s important because it would have allowed Shanahan a little discretion to let what was called in the ice stand or issue supplemental disciplinary action. From my eyes as an official, it appeared that Rinaldo stuck his shoulder or elbow outward as he was cutting across the ice towards Galiardi. It also appeared the principal point of contact was the head area. If it was his chest area (which is legal), Galiardi would not have helicoptered through the air and continued to go so while on the ice. Fortunately, he was able to get right up and continue playing. Even San Jose assistant coach Matt Shaw seen it the same way as I did and was anticipating the league would review the video and do something about it.

The league reviewed the video and both Shaw would have to agree to disagree with their decision. The league has determined no fine or suspension would be handed down according to a tweet this afternoon by John Shannon of Sportsnet. He reported the league determined the principal point of contact was the chest.

Watch the video below and look at the chest and the head area of Galiardi. If you see something different than Shaw or myself please leave a comment below.


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