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Roller Hockey Holiday Gift Guide – 2011

The holidays are almost upon us once again. With just under two weeks until Christmas, you’re running out of time to get the hockey player in your life some of the best gear available. Not to worry, we have compiled a list of our favorite roller hockey items into our 2011 gift guide to help you with decision making.


High End: Mission Axiom T10 Revolt – These flashy white skates will do the trick for the player who needs a high end and solid performing roller hockey skate. Mission has been around for years, so you can trust that they build a durable product that is made to last for years. After being acquired by Bauer Hockey, things only get better. The Axiom T10 is still a bit steep on price at $650, but it will make up for it in longevity. With Rink Rat Hornet Split wheels and Mission’s own Swiss LE 608 bearings, you’ll be one of the fastest players on the rink and have the ability to stop on a dime. The only thing you’ll have to worry about with these skates is whether or not you’ll skill can live up to their expectations. Grab them now at Inline Warehouse for $650.

Budget Friendly: Alkali CA5 – Alkali Hockey is new to the roller hockey scene, but they seem to have already made a name for themselves. The company’s first line has introduced the CA5 skate, which is a solid offering for a newcomer or a skilled player with years of experience. The price point is great and will definitely fit into your holiday budget at only $229.99. Alkali has stocked this skate with a new chassis that offers an 80mm wheel set up, and loaded it up with ABEC 9 bearings as well. You’re going to find these skates keep you in an aggressive stance, ready to pounce on the puck at all times. Grab them now at Inline Warehouse for only $229.99.


High End: Reebok Ai9 – The latest stick from Reebok hockey has been absolutely incredible for us. You can check out our initial impressions article for more information. To break it down though, this is the least expensive of the top end sticks (AI9, Bauer APX and Stealth RS) and carries just as much pop as you would expect from the Stealth RS, while proving to be much more durable in our testing. The Ai9 is aesthetically pleasing, and provides great puck feel as well. Seriously, what is there not to like? Grab one for $239.99 at Pure Hockey and use the coupon code HOCKEYWORLD to save an additional 10%.

Budget Friendly: Alkali CA9 – The CA9 stick from Alkali Hockey is the premier stick in their line-up, offering a great one piece stick with a low kick-point for only $149.99. The stick has a slick design, and features built in anti-slash protection to help keep your stick alive and increase durability. Grab the Alkali CA9 stick at Inline Warehouse for only $149.99.


High End: Bauer XR3 – These pants are great for a player who wants a really lightweight pant, but isn’t interested in all the flash and noise typically found on Mission products. The XR3 pants come in all black, with your choice of 3 different accent colors – white, blue, or red. With the pants being made from great material that is really light, you know they’re going to be breathable as well which is going to help keep you cool throughout the game. The 1680D nylon knee panel helps improve durability, hopefully keeping these pants fresh for a long time. Pick these up at Inline Warehouse for only $49.99.

Budget Friendly: Tour Spartan Pro – While the saying often goes “you get what you pay for,” I think Tour has surpassed expectations with the Spartan Pro pants. Coming in three different color combos, the Spartan Pro is going to be the most durable pant you come across. With two layers of 1680 Denier nylon in the knees, you’re going to see far fewer burn holes in your knees. Beyond that, the hydra-air fabric is going be light, and wick away moisture throughout your games. This is one of the more popular pants that we see among tournament skaters, and that’s because they’re just plain good. Grab the Tour Spartan Pro pants for only $36.95 at Inline Warehouse.


High End: Bauer APXR Gear Backpack – The top of the line backpack bag for Bauer falls into this slot for a reason. With a great design, embroidered logos, and heavy duty construction, this gear backpack is in it for the long haul. The dimensions on the APXR are greater than any other gear backpack we came across, giving you enough room to store everything you need. With all that space, you could even store ice hockey gear if you happen to play both. Grab the APXR Gear Backpack now for $79.99 at Inline Warehouse.

Budget FriendlyBauer XR3 Gear Backpack – The second-tier gear backpack from Bauer shouldn’t be taken so lightly. It carries the same dimensions as its older brother, but skims on some of the nicer features and materials found in the APXR. Instead you’ll find screen printed graphics, nice padded shoulder straps, and a bag that uses 600D nylon construction to be extremely durable. At only $49.99, it’s hard to go wrong with the XR3 gear backpack. Pick one up now at Inline Warehouse.

You still have plenty of time to order any of these items for your favorite person, even if that person is yourself. Inline Warehouse guarantees shipping in time for Christmas as long as you follow their shipping guidelines. Order by December 16th for UPS ground, December 21st for UPS 2nd day air, and December 22nd for UPS next day air.

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