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Montreal and Laraque Part Ways

Heavyweight enforcer George Laraque will no longer be donning the Montreal Canadien jersey. The Canadiens announced that they will buy out the remaining $1 million over a two year period of time.

The woes of the enforcer were a mixture of lack of production on the ice and being deemed a “distraction” to the team. A sad story really, as Laraque a Haitian, has been providing relief to Haiti after the massive earthquake, a tragedy where it is estimated close to a 150,000 people have perished. The relief effort did take him away from the sport of hockey, and as sad as it may be, the Canadiens still have a business to run.

Laraque is a 33 year old heavyweight enforcer, where he may land is unknown, if he does land anywhere else. Age and diminishing talent will be a factor for any team if they decide to sign him, especially in a day and age where enforcers are becoming more extinct.


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