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Mission Inhaler FZ-1 Roller Hockey Skates

February 15th marks the launch of Mission’s latest line of roller hockey gear, and with it comes the all new Mission Inhaler FZ-1 roller hockey skates.

The most notable change on the Mission Inhaler FZ-1 roller hockey skates will be the brand new look. After going with a dark look for the NLS iteration of skates, Mission has returned to white for the FZ-1 skates. In particular, the Mission Inhaler FZ-1 skates will feature a white Curv composite quarter package which is designed for high level play.

Moving inside the boot of the Mission Inhaler FZ-1 skates, you will find a moisture wicking grip liner with added indy foam ankle padding for top notch comfort. Mission will use a true vented three piece construction tongue, helping to promote airflow and keep your foot cool.

Below the boot is a lightweight composite outsole, great for high level players and maximizing energy transfer in each stride. The Mission Inhaler FZ-1 roller hockey skates will also feature a CNC lightweight aluminum hi-lo chassis, along with Labeda Addiction wheels that roll on Hi-Lo Swiss bearings.

The Mission Inhaler FZ-1 skates launched on February 15th and cost about $649.99. If you’re looking to pick up a pair of these fresh new skates, visit our friends at Inline Warehouse to get yours today!

Mission Inhaler FZ-1 Roller Hockey Skates

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