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Alexander Semin scores a beauty no-look goal

Carolina Hurricanes forward Alexander Semin has been a non-factor during the 2014-15 NHL season, scoring only four goals in 40 games. That’s a far cry from the 22 goals he scored in just 65 games last season, and the 30 to 40 goals he was averaging per season several years ago with the Washington Capitals.

But Semin showed recently that he still has that goal scorers prowess.

On Sunday, the Hurricanes routed the Edmonton Oilers 7-4 on home ice, and in the midst of the games 11 goals, Semin managed to get on the board with a gem of a tally.

The play actually starts with Semin taking a pass at the blue line and tossing the puck toward the net, where it gets deflected to the corner. The Hurricanes corral the puck and, seeing an open lane, Semin darts down the right wing. He takes a pass from a teammate off the boards and moves toward the net where he gets tripped up by the Oilers’ defense and loses the puck. Somewhere in the ensuing melee, Semin manages to swing his stick from his stomach, connect with the puck and push it past Oilers goaltender Richard Bachman.

This is one you gotta see to believe. Check out the video below.

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