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The AirBlade Stick by Carbon Sports

Back in early March, we first featured Carbon Sports on Hockey World Blog. They were working on trying to revolutionize the hockey stick industry with their version of a hockey stick. It featured a blade with holes in it that would improve durability as well as puck feel.

Seven months later, Carbon Sports is back and ready to officially unveil their product. They have created a Kickstarter campaign surrounding their new AirBlade hockey stick and hope to raise enough money to proceed with production. The Kickstarter campaign currently has 20 days left, with around $39,000 left to raise in order to achieve their goal of $45,000.

Below are some details about the new stick which come directly from AirBlade’s Kickstarter campaign.

Here at Carbon Sports, we have spent the past four years developing the patented technology that is used in our revolutionary Carbon Sports AirBlade. Unlike typical composite hockey blades, which are made out of a foam core wrapped in carbon fiber sheets, we use strong, lightweight, three-dimensional carbon fiber without a foam core.  This solid carbon fiber blade completely absorbs puck impact and gives players unparalleled control and puck feel, and is resistant to breakage and wear. What’s more, because of the unique design of the patented blade, there is absolutely no tape needed!

For more information, head over to their Kickstarter and read about their 60 day money back guarantee and more! You can also check out the video below for additional details.

Drop us a note in the comments with your thoughts on the AirBlade stick. Is this something you would want to try? How do you feel about the price or claimed benefits from using the AirBlade? We’d love to hear what you think!


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