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Alexander Ovechkin’s Sochi 2014 Olympic Hockey Gear

Alex Ovechkin shared a picture of his custom Sochi 2014 Bauer APX 2 skates via Twitter earlier this week. The skates, seen below, feature white/blue/red stripes, much like the Russian flag. He’s also using black felt tongues instead of the stock white, and of course yellow laces.

One of the biggest questions surrounding Ovechkin’s skates, is why they are not the OD1N skates which were previously featured. He was expected to be wearing them along with a few other Bauer athletes, but no one has seen them in Sochi yet.

In the other two pictures below, you can see Ovechkin is using a pair of brand new Bauer Vapor APX 2 gloves, colored nicely to match the teams jerseys. He’s also using a Bauer Total One NXG stick featuring custom graphics for the 2014 Olympics.

Check out the pictures below of Alexander Ovechkin’s custom gear for the 2014 Olympics in Sochi. Drop us a note in the comments with your thoughts as well!

Alex Ovechkin Olympic Skates 2014

Alexander Ovechkin Sochi Olympics Gear 2014

Alex Ovechkin Sochi Olympics Gear


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