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CCM Resistance Helmet

As we mentioned back in November, CCM is preparing to release a brand new helmet known as the CCM Resistance Helmet. Scheduled for a debut in 2014, the CCM Resistance helmet will be designed to help improve management of rotational impacts.

The CCM Resistance helmet will feature new impact pods. These pods are engineered structures, combining EPP foams and a plastic shock absorber to help reduce linear forces caused by hits to the head. Additionally, the helmet will feature a series of bladders between the liner and the shell. These liquid filled bladders will improve the rotational impacts to the head.

CCM’s new Resistance helmet will also be easily adjustable, featuring a new system to adjust the size to fit correctly to your head.

Check out the shot below of John Tavares wearing the new CCM Resistance helmet and let us know your thoughts in the comments! Do you like the look of CCM’s new helmet, or are you not a fan?

CCM Resistance Helmet


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