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Bauer Nexus Geo Stick

If you’ve been holding out for a new release from the Nexus family of sticks, you’ll be happy to hear about the next premier level offering which will be the Bauer Nexus Geo stick.

Taking some hints from the ADV release, the Bauer Nexus Geo stick will utilize ER SPINE technology in the shaft. This is a revolutionary five-sided shape which creates a spine down the back of the shaft. This change in dimension results in the removal of excess carbon fiber in the key loading zone, meaning a reduced weight overall. It also helps to make loading and releasing shots easier, while providing faster energy transfer from the kick point to the blade.

The Bauer Nexus Geo stick will also be incredibly lightweight by using Advanced Carbon Layering technology, which helps to reduce weight without impacting durability. This process involves using thinner and more strategically placed carbon layers.

You might also notice some familiar technologies on the Bauer Nexus Geo stick, such as the TeXtreme Construction which utilizes 20% lighter and stronger carbon fiber. The Nexus Geo is manufactured using Monocomp technology which is a true one-piece compression molding process that eliminates the fusion point between shaft and blade. These technologies, plus the Duraflex Resin System, have been found on previous generations of Bauer sticks, so their inclusion in the Bauer Nexus Geo stick is no surprise.

The all new Bauer Nexus Geo stick is scheduled to arrive in early November. Keep an eye out for it at your favorite retailer around that time, including our friends over at Ice and Inline Warehouse.

Bauer Nexus Geo Stick

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