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Sherwood Rekker M90 Stick

Sherwood Rekker M90 Stick

If you’re looking to have one of the lightest and and most affordable sticks on the market today, look no further than the Sherwood Rekker M90 stick.

The Sherwood Rekker M90 is an elite level hockey stick that starts with Blackline XXV carbon fiber weave with FlyLyte II Technology. This proprietary weave helps to reduce weight on the M90, making it one of the lightest sticks on the market at only 380 grams. With a thinner fiber, Sherwood is also able to wrap the layers tighter in order to improve energy transfer and durability.

Reinforcing the stick is Sherwood’s ResInjection technology where they use Graphene to provide reinforcement in key breakage areas of the stick, helping it to last longer without sacrificing weight or playability.

The Sherwood Rekker M90 stick offers a one piece spear construction with an aggressive DropKick taper and low kick flex profile. The taper helps to promote a quick shot release as well as efficient loading and is great for players looking to get off an accurate shot as quickly as possible.

Into the blade, you will find Sherwood’s VRF.4 Technology which is the latest iteration of their vibration reducing foam core. This version comes with BlackLine XXV carbon fiber, and uses a thinner profile which reduces weight without sacrificing any puck feel, control, or durability.

The Sherwood Rekker M90 stick is available in senior, intermediate and junior sizes with flexes ranging from 95 on the senior end down to 35 on the junior end. There are up to six blade patterns available, depending on your choice of flex. Prices for the Sherwood Rekker M90 stick range from $169.99 to $239.99. Click here to check the price of your model!

Players who buy today from our friends at Ice Warehouse are also eligible to receive a free gift with purchase. The gift includes a small Sherwood bag good for carrying tape, wax, or other pre-game tools. You’ll also get a roll of tape, container of SnapWax stick hockey wax, and an IW wooden stickhandling ball. This is the perfect deal to get you started for the 2019-20 hockey season. Click here to check it out or buy one now!

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