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Bauer Vapor 1X Lite Stick Review

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Bauer Hockey’s most recent release in their Vapor line of sticks is the Bauer Vapor 1x Lite stick. Released in November 2017, it built off of their well established 1X stick and enhanced it in a few key areas. But are those changes enough to make the 1X Lite stand out from the competition? Let’s take a look in our full Bauer Vapor 1X Lite stick review.

The folks at Bauer Hockey were kind enough to send us a review unit of their 1X stick so we could put it through some quality time on the rink during games and demo sessions in order to publish our review. Thanks again to the team over at Bauer for their support.

The Bauer Vapor 1x Lite stick is constructed using lightweight TexTreme carbon fiber using a true one-piece molding process. The TexTreme carbon fiber used in the 1X Lite stick removed an extra 10 grams versus the previous model, while also increasing the durability of the taper and improving on an already quick release from the low-kick flex profile.

Moving into the blade of the 1X Lite, you will find Bauer’s new Advanced Carbon Layering technology which consists of 13% thinner carbon layers with more fiber angles. This not only reduces weight in the blade by 7 grams but also improves the shot release by 11%. An Aero-Sense II blade core and Pure Shot blade profile carry over from the original 1X and help to improve puck feel and maintain a light weight, while also improving accuracy and durability.

The first thing you’ll probably notice when you pick up the 1X Lite stick is how incredibly lightweight it is. Bauer managed to knock enough weight off to make the senior version only 397 grams. At the time of release it was Bauer’s lightest stick yet, but has since been taken over by the ADV Series stick.

Not only is the stick light, but it is also very well balanced and feels great in the hands. The rounded corners with double concave sidewalls make it easy to hold as well, much like previous iterations of from the Vapor family.

When it comes to puck feel, I was very impressed with the progress made with the 1X Lite. In fact, poor feel for the puck used to be one of my biggest complaints about Bauer sticks. It’s not that the puck feel was terrible or non-existent, but for the price, it certainly didn’t match what I was seeing from the competition. Bauer seems to have made a lot of progress in this department, thanks to new technologies used in the blade.

What really matters in a Bauer Vapor 1X Lite stick review is knowing how well it can shoot. After all, the stick is designed with the aggressive new QRT Plus technology, allowing you to unleash shots even quicker than the previous generation. I think the 1X Lite lives up to the hype here. From the get go, using the stick to shoot was a blast. Wrist and snap shots came off quick and accurate, leading to more than a few deadly snipes for goals. The enhanced puck feel allows you to effortlessly place the puck in your own optimal shooting location, ready for a quick load and release into the back of the net.

Slapshots with the Vapor 1X stick were just as gratifying as the wristers. The release remains quick and effective, but more importantly, accurate. More often than not, I was able to place the slapshots I took right where I wanted them. The result, for me, was a very comfortable feeling on the rink with the 1x Lite stick in my hands.

As far as durability goes, I was pretty pleased. While I didn’t use the stick as my go-to twig for a lengthy period of time, I used it enough to get good feedback. I didn’t have any issues with the blade chipping or cracking anywhere, nor did the shaft suffer from any serious damage. I also didn’t notice any rattling sounds coming from the stick when I’d move it around or flip it upside down. Most of what I noticed on the stick or blade were just routine scratches and scuffs that are going to happen with any stick.

All things considered, the Bauer Vapor 1X Lite stick lives up to the hype and is an excellent follow up on the original 1X stick. Bauer continues to make great strides in improving their products, and especially their sticks, and really appear to be at the top of their game again. For anyone looking to grab a low-kick stick, I would definitely recommend giving the Vapor 1X Lite stick a chance.

If you’d like to pick up a Bauer Vapor 1X Lite stick, you can do so today from our friends at Ice and Inline Warehouse. The Vapor 1X Lite stick costs $299.99 and you will receive free shipping on your order. Ready to pull the trigger? Head over to Ice and Inline Warehouse now!

If you’ve used the Bauer Vapor 1X Lite stick, we’d like to hear from you. Leave us a comment below with your own review, and share your experiences with the 1X Lite. Your comments will help our other readers make the best buying choice for their needs!

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