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Warrior Covert QR Edge Stick

In 2018, Warrior Hockey will launch the all-new Warrior Covert QR Edge stick. The stick is already in the hands of a few NHL players, including Erik Karlsson and Nicklas Backstrom, but what makes this update so special? Let’s dive into the details.

The big change you’ll notice with the Warrior Covert QR Edge stick is the brand new Edge Taper design. This new angular design pushes more flex energy through the hosel and magnifies the power while also quickening the release. The Edge Taper was also designed with a unique geometry which Warrior says will be more stable, improve responsiveness, and play stronger.

With the new taper, the Warrior Covert QR Edge stick will be easier to load than previous versions of the stick. It will also provide a more explosive release when shooting the puck. The result will be more goals scored, something we can all appreciate.

Warrior will also utilize a few familiar technologies on the Covert QR Edge stick. First, True1 Phantom technology which involves a re-engineered true one-piece construction of the stick which creates an extremely lightweight blade and well-balanced stick. The True1 construction process will also enhance feel, giving you more control and response throughout play.

Next, you will find that Warrior has included the Minimus Carbon 1200 in the Covert QR Edge stick. This is an ultra-thin and lightweight flat-weave carbon composite which improves overall construction. This also leads to an incredibly lightweight and well-balanced stick with awesome feel and response.

If you dig a grip coating on your stick, Warrior will bring their Pro Cortex Grip to the QR Edge stick. This textured surface also adds a tacky soft grip feel to keep your hands locked in place.

You can expect the Warrior Covert QR Edge stick to be released in the spring or summer of 2018. Check back for more details, and keep an eye out here for pre-order information from our friends at Ice and Inline Warehouse as we get closer to the launch date.

Warrior Covert QR Edge Stick

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