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Bauer Vapor Advanced Series Stick

Bauer Vapor Advanced Series Stick

On January 27th, Bauer Hockey will introduce their top secret project which they are calling the Bauer Vapor Advanced Series stick.

The launch of the new Vapor Advanced Series stick comes after three years of secret development. According to Bauer, they have put in over 2,000 hours of on ice testing to get this stick to where they want it to be. The culmination of this effort is a stick that is designed to allow you to do everything faster.

The Bauer Vapor Advanced Series stick starts with advanced carbon layering. This ultimately means less weight in the stick without sacrificing durability. In fact, the stick is said to weigh only 355 grams, which would be the lightest stick ever made. Additionally, the stick was engineered with a speedier recoil, meaning you will have quicker releases on all of your shots.

If all of that sounds interesting, you might want to be ready to act fast if you want to get one. The Bauer Vapor Advanced Series stick will the most limited edition stick Bauer has made. In total, only 3,000 of the sticks were made, and participating stores will only receive 12 sticks, 6 left-handed and 6 right-handed. The Vapor Advanced Series stick will only come in 67, 77, and 87 flex, and only the popular P92 pattern will be available.

Initial estimates for price will be $399 CAD and $350 USD, meaning this will also make the Bauer Vapor Advanced Series stick the most expensive ever made.

To get your hands on one of the Bauer Vapor Advanced Series sticks, head to one of the participating dealers on January 27th. Due to the limited availability, be sure to get there early. For a list of participating stores, click here.

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  1. Bush

    February 2, 2018 at 7:17 am

    Advanced series is just the 1x lite with green stickers…major cash grab

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