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2017 Bauer Vapor 1XR Skates

Bauer Hockey’s most advanced skate ever made will be hitting a new surface soon as they prepare to launch the 2017 Bauer Vapor 1XR roller hockey skates later this year.

The 2017 Bauer Vapor 1XR skates will strongly resemble the new 1X ice skates, but with a top spec chassis and wheels instead. The skate will use a Curv composite quarter package with X-Rib design. It will be primarily black in color with red and silver accents throughout the boot.

In terms of features, the Bauer Vapor 1XR is focusing on a locked down fit with this new iteration. This starts with Bauer’s all new Flex-Lock Pro tongue. A slow molding insert of the tongue helps to create a locked down fit which provides excellent protection and great forward flex.

Next, Bauer included their Lock Fit Pro liner on the new Vapor 1XR skates. This liner was designed to not only keep your feet dry but also to keep them locked in place. This design improves agility and acceleration, making you a much better skater out on the rink.

Finally, the Bauer Vapor 1XR skates will see an updated lacing system with a Lock Fit Pro Facing. This new setup features a combination of additional lace lock and a softer injected facing which creates a locked in fit. This will ultimately help your stride and speed as it will remove any slip or slide your foot might experience within the boot.

Other notable features of the Bauer Vapor 1XR skates include comfort edge padding, a composite outsole, a Hi-Lo Kryptonium chassis, Hi-Lo Swiss bearings, and Revision Flex wheels.

The 2017 Bauer Vapor 1XR skates are scheduled to be released around September with pre-orders beginning roughly a month before launch day. When the skates are available, you will be able to order from our friends at Inline Warehouse. Check them out today for deals on all the best roller hockey gear.

2017 Bauer Vapor 1XR Skates

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  1. kodi

    October 7, 2017 at 7:10 am

    Should I get these or the new x800r, or nls1?

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