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2017 NHL All-Star Jerseys Unveiled

2017 NHL All Star Jerseys

Image: NHL

A day after releasing rosters for the 2017 NHL All-Star game in Los Angeles, the NHL has now officially unveiled the jerseys which will be worn by each of the four divisions.

The 2017 NHL All-Star jerseys will pay homage to the league’s centennial celebration, as well as to the host city of Los Angeles. The jersey colors include black, white, gold, and purple. These colors, of course, line up nicely with the primary jerseys worn by the Kings, as well as their gold/purple alternate jerseys. There will also be silver featured in the crest on the front, as well as in stripes along the front and back. The silver is a nod to the NHL centennial.

Per the NHL, there are a few other items in the jersey design with significance:

Each jersey features a band of stars that is reminiscent of the uniforms worn in NHL All-Star Games from 1989-91. Each of the 10 stars represents a decade in the 100-year history of the League. Four stars on the socks represent the four divisions in the NHL today.

The 2017 NHL All-Star patch is located on the right shoulder, while a full-color team patch for each player is found on the left shoulder. The custom font for the numbers and player names is inspired by the letters in the iconic HOLLYWOOD sign.

As far as who will be wearing the jerseys, it looks like the Pacific Division will wear the black jerseys while the Metropolitan Division will be in white. In purple will be the Central Division, and the Atlantic Division will wear gold.

What do you guys think of the new 2017 NHL All-Star jerseys? Drop a note below in the comments with your thoughts!

2017 NHL All Star Jerseys

Image: NHL

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