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Pre-Order the Bauer Supreme 1S LE Skates

If you’re on the verge of picking up a new pair of skates for the upcoming hockey season, you might want to hang on a bit longer and wait for the Bauer Supreme 1S LE skates which are now available for pre-order.

The Supreme 1S LE skates are near identical to the original 1S skates when it comes to features and technology. The all-new graphics package is what really separates the two. The limited edition model features a real nice blacked out boot rather than the black, gold and silver found on the original.

Some of the technology you can find on the 1S LE skates includes:

  • 3D Lasted Titanium Curv Composite
  • C-Flex Technology Tendon Guard
  • Injected Stability Lacing System
  • 37.5 Polyester Liner
  • Speed Plate Footbed
  • Tuuk LightSpeed Edge Holder
  • LS4 Stainless Steel Runners

As noted above, the Bauer Supreme 1S LE skates are officially available for pre-order. If you order today, the skates will arrive at your doorstep on launch day, October 7th. Retail price for the 1S LE skates will be $949.99.

Bauer Supreme 1S LE Skates

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