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Mike Milbury Proves Again That He’s a Terrible Analyst

Mike Milbury is no stranger to making questionable comments on the air. On multiple occasions he has crossed the line as a hockey analyst for NBC Sports. On Tuesday night, he proved once again that he should perhaps think before he says anything out loud.

During an intermission report for Game 2 between the Sharks and the Blues, Milbury discussed two minor penalties handed out to Troy Brouwer and Steve Ott which he claimed were “not satisfying.”

Instead, Milbury suggested that if you’re going to slash someone, crack a bone or something. He followed that up by suggesting that if you’re going to hit someone from behind, “give them a slight concussion.”

While the former coach and GM did clarify afterward that he did not mean it too seriously, you do have to question Milbury’s integrity when he is going to suggest something like that.

Believe me, I understand that this is playoff hockey and you have to go one hundred percent all the time. But suggesting that you give someone a concussion, even if it was jokingly, was in very poor taste. I really don’t think anyone would be disappointed if he were relieved of his duties for NBCSN.

Check out the clip below of Milbury’s analysis. Be sure to drop us a comment with your thoughts on the situation!

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