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Corey Perry’s Dirty Play Against Top Draft Prospect

Corey Perry is known for being an agitator out on the ice, among other things. He can score goals with the best of them, but he can also get under your skin, frustrate you, and completely take you off your game.

NHL players are used to this behavior from Perry, but now he’s taken his antics to the international level against a top draft prospect.

During Finland’s 4-0¬†shutout victory over Canada, Patrik Laine was on the receiving end of Perry’s dirty play. The play occurred as Perry was going off for a line change and skated right by Laine. He could have easily avoided his opponent, but instead kicks his leg out and hits Laine’s leg in a “garbage play” as described by Ray Ferraro.

Laine would immediately head to the bench after the collision and was in noticeable pain throughout the TV commercial break. He would return to action, however, and finish the game.

Following the game when Corey Perry was asked about the play, he concluded that he was unaware of anything that may have happened.

Here’s the video of Perry’s dirty play. You be the judge in this case, leave us a comment with your thoughts on what happened.

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