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True XC9 Pro Gloves Featuring ZPalm

True Hockey is has already done amazing things with the hockey stick market, but now they are looking to change the glove market with their all new True XC9 Pro Gloves featuring ZPalm technology.

The hot new feature on these new True gloves is obviously the ZPalm technology. ZPalm allows you to easily change out palms on your gloves with any one of True’s five palm offerings. This allows you to effortlessly transform the glove the meet your specific needs out on the rink. For example, if you like your palm to have more grip, switch our the standard palm for the grip palm. The ZPalm system will also help for replacing extremely worn palms.

The True XC9 Pro gloves offer an anatomical fit which will fit your hand a bit more snug. This allows for improved control all the while maintaining great mobility through the wrist.

The XC9 pro gloves with ZPalm also feature a TRUEFLEXX lock thumb for great range of motion and full protection against contact or hyper extension.

In terms of protection, the True XC9 pro gloves are utilizing 24mm PRO grape EPP foam with 1mm PE inserts. This design offers more protection on contact than competitors gloves, according to True Hockey.

The exterior portion of the glove is constructed using an ultra light weight nylon material. This will help improve breathability, as well as flexibility.

Check out the True XC9 PRo gloves featuring ZPalm below. If you’re interested in grabbing a pair, visit your local hockey retailer.

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