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Warrior Dynasty HD1 Stick Review

Warrior’s Dynasty line of sticks recently received a refresh, and the premier level stick is now the Dynasty HD1 model. With premium materials and design, along with a fresh look, the Dynasty HD1 aims to make an impact among mid kickpoint sticks. But does it provide enough bang to compete with powerhouses from Bauer and CCM? Here’s our full Warrior Dynasty HD1 stick review.


  • Warrior Dynasty HD1
  • 60” length
  • 432 grams
  • 85 Flex
  • W03 Pattern
  • No modifications


  • 100% Carbon Thermoset Construction
  • HiFused Technology
  • Strong Arm Geometry
  • HyperDrive Engineered Mid-Kick
  • Straight Sidewalls and Rounded Corners
  • Hardcore X Foam Blade Core

Design and Construction:

The Warrior Dynasty HD1 stick offers a simple but good looking design on the stick. It’s primarily black and white with red accents. Warrior and Dynasty logos appear on both the forehand and backhand side of the stick, with additional Warrior markings near the heel of the blade. The shaft features straight sidewalls and rounded corners, and comes in both non grip and grip finishes.

The real fun stuff in the Dynasty HD1 is in the technology behind the stick. Warrior constructed this stick with 100% carbon thermoset. This is a unique blend of carbon and toughened epoxy which are saturated and thermoset cured. This technology provides more strength, along with a great feel and response.

This stick also utilizes HiFused technology, which means the fuse point is significantly higher than that of competitors sticks. This design change helps to improve shot accuracy and overall balance of the stick. The hosel area was also designed and constructed thicker and taller to decrease twisting that occurs while shooting. This adjustment helps to improve accuracy, while also increasing stability.

Warrior’s Dynasty HD1 stick is their premier level stick with a mid kick profile. The HyperDrive Engineered Mid-Kick uses a specific carbon fiber arrangement to help improve pop on your shots, and increase shot velocity and power. This arrangement of fibers originally appeared on the Covert QR stick, and increases the size of the sticks sweet spot as well.

Warrior engineered the Dynasty HD1 stick with a Hardcore X foam blade core. This is an extremely light blade core that has a 60% higher compression resistance while being 40% stronger. The Twinspar carbon fiber stringers help to reinforce the blade core as well, which improves endurance and increases bend strength. A tough aramid sole, material used bullet proof vests, covers the bottom edge of the blade to increase durability as well.


Historically, I have not been a huge fan of Warrior sticks. There are plenty of people who love them, but in my time using them I just have not been pleased with their offerings. However, that all changed with the Dynasty HD1.

Once I stepped on the ice with the HD1, I quickly noticed the sticks incredible feel. To me, this was one of the biggest improvements over the Covert that I previously used. Everything from holding the stick in your hands while skating to stickhandling the puck was all better than I’ve felt with any previous Warrior stick. Puck feel is critical when it comes to overall performance, so I was happy to see and feel the improvements in this area.

I’m also a big fan of the mid-kick profile of the Dynasty HD1 stick. True to the design intentions, the Hyperdrive technology added a nice pop to each shot I took. I thought the puck really kicked off of the stick well, and it was easy to load too.

Shots were not only powerful and full of pop, but they were very accurate too. In fact, my first shot with this stick was a nice wrist shot as I approached the left face off circle. I had a bit of room in the top far corner and placed the puck exactly where it needed to go. This happening in only my first game with the stick had me as an early believer in how well this stick could perform.

Beyond the outstanding feel and great accuracy, the Dynasty HD1 is just a great stick to shoot with. Whether you’re taking wrist shots or clappers, the HD1 can perform well. It makes for a very versatile stick, and its no wonder players like Henrik Zetterberg and Nicklas Backstrom use this stick each time they step on to the ice.

Overall Impressions:

As I mentioned earlier, Warrior sticks and I have not really gotten along in the past. Something about them just wasn’t right for me.

However, the Warrior Dynasty HD1 stick has completely changed my perception of Warrior sticks. The feel, balance, power, and accuracy were all optimized in the HD1, and it has become a stick that I’m incredibly confident stepping onto the ice with.

In terms of mid-kick sticks on the market today, the Dynasty HD1 is up there among the best. If you’re looking to pick up a new stick and a mid-kick is what you’re after, don’t miss out on this one. Even if Warrior sticks haven’t been your thing in the past, much like they weren’t mine, I would urge you to give them another chance with the Dynasty HD1.

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