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KHL Top 10 Goals for Week 5

Despite the NHL only being in their preseason, our friends over in the KHL are already into the fifth week of play of their regular season.

On Monday, the KHL released their highlight video of the top 10 goals for week five. Check our the full list of tallies below, and check out the video for some real nice goals.

10. Slava Litovchenko (AMR) vs Konstantin Barulin (SOC)
9. Tomas Zohorna (AMR) @ Niklas Svedberg (SAL)
8. Alexander Perezhogin (AVG) vs Andrei Ivanov (BRS)
7. Evgeny Dadonov (SKA) vs Riku Hekenius (JOK)
6. Tim Sestito (RIG) vs Danny Taylor (MDV)
5. Robinson-Pestushko-Avtsin (DYN) vs Alexander Sudnitsin (NHK)
4. Maksim Kazakov (MNK) vs Jussi Rynnas (AKB)
3. Dadonov to Burdasov (SKA) vs Riku Helenius (JOK)
2. Mathis Olimb (JOK) vs Barry Brust (SLO)
1. Parshin to Shirokov (AVG) vs Jan Laco (BRS)

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