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Byfuglien Conducts Postgame Interview like Lynch

Dustin Byfuglien didn’t have a good game for Winnipeg last night. He took a dumb penalty when he punched Corey Perry in the back of the head after Perry scored to give Anaheim a 2-1 lead early in the second period. He also took a penalty later in the second when he tripped Ryan Kesler.

He finished the game with a team-worse minus-3 rating when the Ducks came from behind to win 5-4 in overtime. With their backs against the wall, looking down the barrel of a quick exit, Byfuglien took a chapter out of Marshawn Lynch’s playbook when speaking to the media.

Lynch is notorious for not speaking much or saying the same one-liner again and again. During the media scrum, Byfuglien answered reporters questions with “As long as we stick together as a team we’ll be alright.” Sorry Dustin, you gotta do (and say) more than that when you were statistically one of the worse players on the ice tonight. How about you explain that sucker punch to Perry after he scored. At least an apology?

The league came out today and say there will be no further discipline for the hit on Perry, which got him only two minutes for roughing.

Here’s the video of the punch to Perry:

Here’s the video of his comments comment after the game:

Game 4 is Tuesday at 9:30 ET, where the Jets will try to fend off elimination.

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