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Bauer Nexus 8000 Skates Review

Last Summer, the Nexus line of skates received their latest update from Bauer Hockey. The 2014 Nexus line introduced five brand new skates with prices ranging from $750 for the Nexus 8000 all the way down to $79.99 for the Nexus 4000. Bauer Hockey was kind enough to send us a pair of the Nexus 8000 skates to review, and after months of using the skates, we’re ready to share our thoughts and experiences.

Design & Construction

When it comes to design, the Nexus 8000 skates might be the best on the market. They offer a simple look – black boot, white holder, white laces, and of course a white felt tongue – but still managed to make it look modern. The bold blue liner is a great example of this. Bauer kept things fresh, but also very traditional.

One of the biggest improvements over the Nexus 1000 skates from a couple of years ago is the addition of Bauer’s 3D-lasted Curv Composite quarter package on the Nexus 8000. This material is incredibly lightweight, but still offers pro level stiffness, support, and durability. It also helps make the skate the lightest of Bauer’s premier level skates, coming in at only 703 grams for per skate.

The liner I mentioned previously is Bauer’s Hydra Max 2 liner. It’s bold coloring is a great design element, and it’s fully functional too as it helps to eliminate moisture and keep your foot locked in place.

The tongue featured on the Nexus 8000 is an anatomical 52 oz three piece white felt tongue. It is constructed with molded metatarsal guard as well to help provide additional protection against lace bite or errant pucks.

Bauer’s Nexus 8000 utilizes the Form-Fit+ footbeds inside the boot. They are designed with a stability grip print to help keep your foot in place, and also incorporated moisture management properties to help keep your feet dry.

Beneath the boot Bauer has upgraded these skates to the Tuuk Lightspeed Edge holders. They also come with the Tuuk LS Fusion Edge Runner


In addition to their look, the Nexus 8000 also offer a very classic fit, according to Bauer. In fact, they offer a wide and high volume fit from toe to heel. They also have the deepest heel pocket. Ice Warehouse describes the fit as medium-high volume, medium-wide across the top of the foot, and medium-wide in the toe box. In other words, if you have a wide foot, the Nexus line and Nexus 8000 skates are for you.

While I’m not sure that my foot shape would fit the above fit description exactly, I do have a medium-wide foot in general. With that said, these skates fit my feet very comfortably. The comfort was right out of the box too, no break in period required at all. I had no hot spots or pressure points in any areas that needed to be addressed.

If you’re coming from the previous line of Nexus skates, you should have a pretty similar fit into the Nexus 8000 skates. They have remained wide and the fit guidelines have not changed. On the other hand, if you’re coming from a Supreme or Vapor skate, you’re definitely going to notice a different fit. My recommendation here would be to try the skates on for the best fit.

Likewise, if you’re switching from a different brand, be sure to try these skates on to ensure a proper fit. However, you can make a pretty educated guess on whether or not the Nexus 8000 skates will fit you based on the IW fit guidelines previously mentioned.


What I really appreciate about the Nexus 8000 skates is that they are a no nonsense and straight to the point kind of skate. You’re not hit with a bunch of marketing lingo or crazy features when you see them. They’re just well constructed skates using todays high end materials.

The Nexus 8000 skates are certainly lightweight on your feet. I felt fast in them, and have been able to keep up with the competition well enough. The difference of a few hundred grams in each boot, however, wasn’t enough to send me on breakaways during every shift. In fact, while they are incredibly light, you’re likely to not even notice much of a difference out on the ice.

Bauer’s 3D Curv composite quarter package remains one of the best in the business. It’s a stiff quarter package, but not uncomfortably so. The full composite outsole also does a tremendous job of transferring energy with each and every stride. If you’ve been using high end skates for a while now, you’re likely going to take this for granted. But if you’re coming from a lower end pair of skates, pay attention to your stride the first time you use them. You will notice the improved energy transfer over a lower end model.

Inside the boot, Bauer has done a great job with materials as well. The moisture management liner and footbed work hard and keep my feet dry. The 52 oz felt tongue is also tremendous. It feels nice and comfortable against your foot if you tuck it under your shin guards, but also makes for a great flop if you like to wear your tongues out.


After a number of months using the Nexus 8000 skates, I have been extremely pleased with how well they have held up. The most damage I have noticed is a few cuts on the Tuuk holders. Other than that, the skates are still in incredible shape.

As far as the quarter package, it has maintained its stiffness throughout the entire time I have been using the skates. The inside and outside of the skates do not show any signs of breaking down or softening in any way.

Overall Impressions

I think the best way that I can describe the Bauer Nexus 800 skates would be simple and straight to the point. From the classic design, to the classic fit and even the performance, these skates are straightforward. I think that’s what I like best about them, too.

When you’re getting the Nexus 8000 skates, you don’t have to worry about any type of gimmicks. You can be confident that the skates you’re putting on will be comfortable, and that they will get the job done out on the ice.

Best of all, the Nexus 8000 skates even cost less than the other Bauer premier level skates. At $749.99, the skates aren’t cheap by any means. But at that price, you’re saving $100 versus the MX3 or APX2 skates, and getting a pair of skates that will hold up pretty well.

If you’re ready to grab a pair of Nexus 8000 skates, head over to where you can buy them today for $750.

Also, be sure to drop us a note in the comments and let us know if this review was helpful to you, or share your own review if you have used these skates. You can also let us know if you have specific questions, and we will do our best to answer those for you.

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