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CCM Ribcor 50K White Skates

Order the CCM Ribcor 50K White Skates today!

Despite CCM absorbing the Reebok products into their line, we will still be seeing a return of the white skates. In fact, multiple NHL players now have the CCM Ribcor 50K white skates in their possession, and will be wearing them in the near future, if they haven’t already.

Below you’ll find the CCM Ribcor 50K white skates which belong to Montreal Canadiens center David Desharnais. In addition to Desharnais, David Perron and Matt Duchene have also received their own CCM Ribcor 50K White skates.

Quite honestly, these skates are pretty unbelievable looking. The good news is that we’re told they will be released and available for retail purchase.¬†¬†Unfortunately, fans of the CCM Ribcor white skates will have to wait until 2016 to be able to lace up a pair on their own feet.

For complete specs on the CCM Ribcor 50K skates, check out our sneak peek here!

Check out the CCM Ribcor 50K white skates below and drop us a note in the comments with your thoughts! Do you like the look of these skates? If so, do you like them more than the regular CCM Ribcor skates? Which pair would you get?

CCM Ribcor 50K White Skates


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