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Reebok 20K Pants Review

The Reebok 20k pants are the current top of the line pants offered from Reebok hockey. However, with an upcoming switch of the Reebok brand name over to CCM, the 20k may be the last pants to see the Reebok name. Regardless, these are premier level pants from Reebok and we were fortunate enough to have received a pair to review from the kind folks at Reebok. After a couple months of using these top end pants, we’ve compiled our thoughts into the review below. Read on for our full thoughts.

Specs: Reebok 20k Pants, Size Large Modifications: None

Reebok 20K Pants

Appearance and Design:

The Reebok 20K pants do not stand out by any means, they are a simple and plain looking, as ice hockey pants should be. There’s no need for any type of eye popping graphics or anything like that, simple is key.

Reebok has done a great job of making these pants by using solid materials and great construction. They offer molded plastic inserts, high density foams, and pro level protection, all to help keep prevent you from taking a beating on the ice. The protective materials blend nicely and offer a package that is sleek looking and does not bulge in any specific area due to protective elements.

Reebok has some nice design features on their 20K pants, including their Kinetic Fit System (or KFS) which features segmented protection to cover key areas of your body. They have also included a zipper system with additional velcro closure to allow additional mobility of the legs. There’s also a nice adjustment feature with a hidden length adjusting zipper. This allows the pants to expand in length up to one whole inch for those growing players.

Reebok’s 20K pants come in very few colors, with black and navy blue appearing to be the only options at this point. They feature Reebok branding on the left leg, in addition to the kidney and spine protectors. The “20K Pro” badging is also placed on the back near the spine protection.

Fit and Feel:

Much like the CCM U+ CL pants that we reviewed, the Reebok 20K pants were very stiff when I first started using them. The padding was rigid throughout the legs, which is a good thing, but overall they just felt stiff and solid. Unlike the CCM pants though, the Reebok pants did not really break in and soften up over time. They remained very rigid and very solid pants, to the point where they could be uncomfortable at times.

For example, when you get out on to the ice for a shift, the stiffness of the pants seems to fade from thought. You forget about the equipment that you’re wearing, and just play your game. But after a hard shift when I come back to the bench and sit down, my mind starts to go back to how stiff and uncomfortable the pants are to sit in. I found myself constantly adjusting my seated position on the bench in order to try to get comfortable. I felt as though I was sitting right on a piece of uncomfortable plastic, and it’s probably because I was.

On the ice though, you feel well protected and confident. My willingness to play a more physical game went up because I knew the pants would hold up against whatever slashes or hacks I might face throughout a shift. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get that great feeling all the time as every shift must come to an end at some point.

Durability and Protection:

Throughout my few months using the Reebok 20K pants, I was surprised that they did not soften up or break in more. As time went on, I began to think of this as a true testament to how well the pants are constructed, and how much protection they will offer you. It’s a nice feeling that months after starting to use a pair of pants, they are maintaining the same shape as the day you got them, and are in virtually the same condition as well. There appeared to be no premature breakdown of any of the padding, which is a great sign. I would definitely give these pants high marks for the durability they offer.

In terms of protection, I mentioned earlier that these pants can boost your confidence. If I had to make a choice based purely on the amount of protection I’m getting, the Reebok 20K would be my choice over the U+ Crazy Light. I would feel more comfortable blocking a shot with the 20K pants, or taking a few slashes from an angry opponent. Basically, if I’m playing in a highly competitive league or tournament and need every advantage I can get in terms of protection, I would be able to look past the pants being uncomfortable and use them for their great protection.

Overall Impressions:

When they say that the Reebok 20K pants offer pro levels of protection, I am certain that they are speaking the truth. If you are playing in competitive hockey leagues, these Reebok pants would be a solid choice. You can be confident that they are going to be durable and hold up to a lot, but even more confident that the pads in place are going to provide you with that top level protection that you’re after.

However, if you’re simply playing in a beer league and looking for a comfortable pair of pants that is going to hold up to the rigors of that style of play, you might want to consider another pant. That’s not to say that the Reebok 20K pants won’t do the job, they will, but they almost seem like too much for a recreation league.

I used the 20K pants for a few months, but after that review period, went back to the CCM U+ CL pants because I found them to still be protective, but much more comfortable. Both are good pants from a great manufacturer, but in order to get the best bang for your buck you should really consider how you’re going to be using your new pants and what features are most important to you. If protection is most important, go with the 20K, if you want something more comfortable and lighter, check out the U+ CL pants.

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Have you used the Reebok 20K pants? If so, what did you think of them? Please leave us a comment with your thoughts on the Reebok 20K pants and whether or not you would recommend them for someone else!

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