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Tomas Jurco dazzles with new stick trick

Tomas Jurco first began turning heads a few years back when a series of hockey stick tricks involving an incredible amount of hand-eye coordination began spreading across the web, as well as some crazy inventive shootout moves.

Oh, he also showed he’s a legitimate hockey prospect last season when the Detroit Red Wings, who drafted Jurco 35th overall in the 2011 NHL Entry Draft, were decimated by injuries, allowing the 21-year-old to skate in 36 NHL games for the Wings, contributing eight goals and seven assists. While he will likely start the upcoming season with the team’s minor league affiliate in Grand Rapids, he looks to have a bright future with the organization.

That doesn’t mean we can’t still enjoy some of Jurco’s nifty tricks, right?

A new video of Jurco popped up on the web recently with him doing a stunt that involves an incredible amount of hand-eye coordination. After bobbling the puck a bit, Jurco catches the puck flat on the toe of his blade. He then flips the puck into the air, along with his stick. The stick does a complete flip in the air before Jurco catches it again and begins bobbling the puck again when it falls back down. Pretty cool. Check out a video of the trick below.

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