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Mammoth Hockey Bags Unveils Mammoth IPA Bag

A new Kickstarter campaign has been created to help fund some bombproof beer league hockey bags. The project, started by Erik Olson and Lars Huschke, looks to succeed where others have failed – making a top shelf bag for beer league players, in the USA, using awesome materials and a great design.

Courtesy of their Kickstarter campaign, here are some of the great features that you can find on their flagship Mammoth IPA bag.


The most important element in a hockey bag is durability. None of the other features matter if the bag isn’t tough enough. We use a vinyl coated polyester truck tarp material for the exterior. The cut and sew shop we use for prototyping uses this same material for the bags it makes for a WHL pro team, which means it’s been tested under some pretty gnarly conditions. Piping along the seams gives the bag shape even when empty.

To make the inside of the bag nice and bright so you can actually find loose socks, pucks, etc in the cavernous interior, we are lining the bag with silver pack cloth. Not only does this brighten up the inside of the bag, it makes it even more durable.


In addition to the main gear compartment measuring 35”x18”x16”, the entire top flap of the bag is a zippered sleeve designed to stow a towel and change of clothes while separating them from the smelly gear below.

The zippered side pocket is a good place for stick and sock tape. Slide a shampoo bottle and water bottle into the larger pockets on both sides of the bag.

Within the gear compartment you will also find a small zippered storage pocket designed to hold your phone, wallet, keys, and other small valuables.  This pocket has two zipper pulls to allow you to secure it with a small luggage lock.


We achieve great ventilation with the large mesh panels on the interior of the side pockets that allow air to freely flow into the bag. Grommets provide additional airflow on the ends and top of the bag.


Extruded aluminum handles provide comfortable handholds for hoisting the bag into a car, while tough metal shoulder strap clips and d-rings are made for the long haul. Production bags will also feature extruded aluminum zipper pulls to match the handles.

The Mammoth IPA is a beer league bag, so a bottle opener is essential equipment. In production the aluminum opener will be affixed to the 2” webbing on one of the main handles for easy access. Cheers!


You can see that Erik and Lars have put a lot of effort into this new bag, and have nearly thought of everything you could want (including attached bottle opener). The Mammoth IPA has also been through a few iterations already as it has been tested, allowing the Mammoth guys to make modifications to the bag as they saw fit.

Erik and Lars are looking for $10,000 in funding to hit their goal and start production. At the time of writing, they have nearly $2000 and 29 days left in the campaign. If you like what you see here, check out their Kickstarter campaign and help them out. I know we look forward to seeing how this how turns out for them.

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