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Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

With the summer upon us, and hockey slowing down, NHL Photo of the Day segment will break and return at the beginning of the next NHL season. We know, you are sad. We understand.

Because of your pain, beginning tomorrow, a weekly recap of news from around the league will begin. Heck, a photo or two might even pop up to help ease your withdrawal.

Also, since we love to hear from our readership, if you as a reader have a photo that you would like to be shared, contact EB at and we would be glad to get it up. Who doesn’t love 5 seconds of fame right? From a picture of you sniping, to your child’s first skate, to some new gear recently purchased (from Pure Hockey using HWB’s 10% off right?), we will surely get the picture up for you.

HWB thanks you for checking the photos out, critiquing the soap box verbiage or posting a comment, and being a reader in general. We look forward to next year as we give a kiss goodbye to the 2011-2012 NHL season.

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