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Bauer Supreme Total One NXG Hockey Stick

The Bauer Supreme Total One NXG stick is now available at all retail locations. You can pick one up from our friends at Pure Hockey by clicking here. The Total One NXG stick retails for $259.99, but is currently one of the top sticks you can get your hands on. Use coupon code HOCKEYWORLD to save 10% on select items in your order.

The Total One NXG stick has been engineered to create maximum energy output with minimum effort thanks to the amplified mid-kick point. A stiffer lower shaft, along with a softer middle, allows the shaft to load up quickly and easily. If you really like to lean into your shots, then this stick will be for you. Additionally, the .520 power taper will increase torsional stiffness to help maximize the load while minimizing the torque and twist on the shaft when you shoot. This will allow for a more accurate and precise shot every time.

Bauer’s Total One NXG stick will also feature the Tac-Spiral grip to help keep your hands locked to the shaft. The shaft will, of course, feature double concave walls much like the original Total One. Beyond that, it’s going to include Bauer’s eLASTech technology which is a proprietary resin system they developed that contains carbon nanotubes to increase durability by reducing the spread of micro-fractures.

Moving down into the blade, the Bauer Supreme Total One NXG stick will use the pure shot blade profile. This thicker throat area will reduce blade deflection, or twisting of the blade, when shooting. The Power Core 3 blade foam will help to increase blade strength and puck feel, all the while absorbing impact energy so the puck sticks to your blade when catching passes.

Below is our first glimpse at the new Total One NXG stick, which seems to carry some design elements from the original Total One.

What are your thoughts on the new Bauer Total One NXG stick? Will you be replacing your current stick with one of these?

Bauer Supreme Total One NXG Hockey Stick

Bauer Supreme Total One NXG Hockey Stick


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