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Milan Lucic Runs Ryan Miller

Over the weekend, Boston Bruin Milan Lucic ran over goaltender Ryan Miller of the Buffalo Sabres. Lucic was assessed a 2 minute minor for charging while Miller eventually left the game with an upper body injury. What could seem an intentional or unavoidable based on your viewpoint, an argument seems to be developing; are goalies free game if outside the crease?

According to the NHL Rulebook, rule 42.1, Charging as it pertains to goalies:

A goalkeeper is not “fair game” just because he is outside the goal crease area. The appropriate penalty should be assessed in every case where an opposing player makes unnecessary contact with a goalkeeper. However, incidental contact, at the discretion of the Referee, will be permitted when the goalkeeper is in the act of playing the puck outside his goal crease provided the attacking player has made a reasonable effort to avoid such contact.

Lucic has a hearing with league disciplinarian Brenden Shanahan about the incident. There, Shanahan will decide if the collision was indeed unavoidable or if Lucic intended to hit Miller. If the hit is deemed an actual hit, expect Shanahan to come down hard on Lucic for his actions. Like it or not, a goaltender is a pivotal part of the game, one that needs to be protected against unneeded and unwarranted hits.

The teams will face each other 5 more times throughout the year.

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