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Bauer RX10 Limited Edition Goalie Leg Pads

While I may not be the goaltender of the group, I do not discriminate when it comes to being a gear junkie. Bauer recently unveiled their brand new Bauer RX10 limited edition goalie leg pads, and boy are they a thing of beauty! The RX10 LE pads will come in four colors: a slick navy blue, black, white, and red. The navy blue and black look absolutely stunning to me, I love them. Now these guys will certainly set you back a pretty penny, but I’m sure you goalies are used to spending a ridiculous amount on gear. The Bauer RX10 Limited Edition goalie leg pads will hit retail stores on April 15th. Take a look at the RX10 LE below and let us know what you think!

Bauer RX10 Limited Edition Goalie Leg Pads

Bauer RX10 Limited Edition Goalie Leg Pads

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  1. Tom

    November 24, 2011 at 12:20 pm

    My son has the white ones in 35″+1 and they do look good and perform well but the quality of materials and construction does not compare to other domestics for $1400. We have already had to repair pads and catch glove. Hope they last the season then it’s back to Brians for both of my goalies.

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