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Warrior Black Widow Hockey Stick

Some of you gear junkies might have noticed a couple NHL players out there using a sweet looking new Warrior stick this season. Well, we’ve got a sneak peak at the new Warrior Black Widow hockey stick. It has a nice dark look to it, very appealing and easy on the eyes. Apparently Warrior is using some new taper technology in this stick. What I’ve heard is that its called the dagger taper. We’ve also heard the stick will be replacing the Kronik.

The new Warrior Widow stick is now available for pre-order at Ice Warehouse. Both the grip and clear versions of the stick are available for $229.99 and will be shipping March 8th. Head over to Ice Warehouse to ensure you’re one of the first to have the new Warrior Widow.

What do you guys think of Warrior’s new stick?

Warrior Black Widow Hockey Stick

The new Warrior Black Widow Hockey Stick


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